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An initiative to make the link to real world people within industry to better understand types of educational programs in demand from another perspective.

This is being cosponsored by Innovation Project Spaces of North America, LLC, Innovation Project Spaces of North America Foundation and Web Developer Tom Ford as a shared labor activity for the common good. IPSNA will be funding the creation while Mr. Ford will be handling the setup, administration and maintenance of the project along side of an existing campaign that is already targeting 200 industry businesses for support services over the course of the next year, which has already begun and reached 20 industry classifications.

IPSNA has funded this app setup and will own the assets of the app. The project and app is located here:

By hosting small circles of business people to network and support each other within specific industries, we will gain valuable insight from their perspective that will enhance our curriculum offerings.

The type of mentor and connector that has interest in providing support to others for the common good is also a potential profile well suited to our Learning Center Operator role within our concept, so the connections we make in this pursuit will be invaluable.

This app will be integrated into a current active outreach campaign as well as being directed to those potentially being good prospects for participation via a targeted Facebook outreach initiative.