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We’re Looking for an Outdoor Location

Many Education Programs are Well Suited to an Outdoor Setting

Our plan is “In Community,” but many educational programs also relate to being outside. This has always been an element of our plan.

We’ve decided to focus on a local semi-suburban rural location to proof our infrastructure setup in front of an urban location for a variety of reasons.

Given retail space has an inherent high value, we’ve found the negotiation of “in town” space to be a longer term endeavor, but one we are very engaged with!

Our learning infrastructure is the same whether it is administrated with outdoor related technology and education or indoor more “urban” curriculum.

To better understand some of the types of transitional learning programs that can be conducted at such a facility:

  • Container Based Farming
  • IOT Agriculture Monitoring
  • Geothermal Agriculture Management
  • Outdoor Facility Security
  • Sustainable Land Management
  • Tigers

Ok, so we may not actually have tigers, but it’s easy to see how training programs in a variety of programs relative to an outdoor setting might be underrepresented and how we can make our concept link between Universities, the community and skill development.

Plans are also to produce content (video, etc.) to show the community how our applications and systems work in action to further spur interest and passion to get people interested in being involved.

We’re actively on the search for such a location. Please let us know if you know of any prospects!

Watch our News section for upcoming announcements on this!